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    1. 課題組長招聘
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      Institutes of Biomedical Sciences, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University

      Institutes of Biomedical Sciences (IBS) at Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University is a scientific platform established in 2005. Aiming to foster and facilitate translational research, IBS has established a mechanism to link basic science with clinical medicine. Currently, IBS is establishing a Fudan-Wayne State University Alliance for Stem Cell Translational Research Laboratory, focusing on translational research of the latest stem cell technologies to major human diseases including cancer, heart diseases and glaucoma. This alliance laboratory has a strong collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and stem cell biotech companies and will receive major funding from private sectors in the US and China. In addition, strong collaborations have been estabolished with several major hospitals in the US and China for translational research for human disease treatment.

      Principal Investigator Positions

      Applicants should have a prominent research profile to establish and conduct innovative independent research in translational medicine with a strong basic science background. Candidates with strong interests in translational medicine will be considered with priority. Both senior and junior investigators are encouraged to apply in the areas of stem cells, including iPS cell biology, technology and their translation cancer, heart diseases, epigenetics, genomics and molecular and cellular biology.

      As an eligible candidate for professorship, you should have:
      1. PhD and or an MD degree and hold a position at assistant professor level or above, or equivalent position.
      2. High-profiled publications as corresponding author.
      3. Strong record of external funding.

      As a candidate for junior faculty position, you should have:
      1. PhD/MD ( PhD and or an MD) degree with postdoctoral experience.
      2. Good publication record.

      The school and the university provide state-of-the-art modern research facilities and strong support staff. Internationally competitive start-up support, salary and benefits will be offered commensurate with qualifications and experience of the applicant.

      Contact person: Ms.Bao 
      Email: ljbao@fudan.edu.cn

      Tel: +86 54237007

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